why rent?

staying in is the new going out
Bringing the outside in—and hosting a restaurant-like experience in the comfort of your own home is trending. 

The home, after all, is our safe space where we feel most comfortable. There is no reason you can’t host a successful five-star restaurant experience without leaving the house. 

Hosting an event at home can be messy, stressful, + costly, but it can also be pleasurable + enjoyable. If planned properly, you can sit back, relax, be a host + a guest,

Every party is its unique event. Trying to buy tableware each time you host and then trying to store it is neither feasible nor sustainable. Outsourcing is key.

If you feel relaxed and exude warmth, so will your guests. You should be fully present with them. After all, isn’t this the purpose of your event? Focusing solely on them is the easiest way of ensuring that they feel welcome and have the best time + so will you!

reimagine the way you host
You can’t spend money on fine wine + champagne and then serve it in plastic or cheap glassware. You can’t spend money on catering or your time on cooking and then serve it on cheap dinnerware, nor should you set the table with paper napkins. A big “no-no”!

The tableware you use will play a key role in how your food looks AND tastes when it’s served. Think about how dishes are presented in an upscale restaurant. 

For instance, presenting pasta in a pasta bowl, serving sharing foods on a platter, or creating a tapas theme so they can be transferred to the dinner plate at the guests’ leisure. 

Having the proper glassware for white wine, red wine, cocktails, + water is essential to the drinking experience.

details matter
The intimacy of hosting in your home makes for a profoundly memorable experience. The best party hosts will pay attention to the details.

Setting the tone and ambience is key + will elevate the experience. Dinnerware, glassware, serveware, cutlery, tealights, candlesticks, table linens, vases, florals, menu cards, music, and table styling in your space will significantly impact setting the tone for your event.

the tablescape
Think of your tablescape as more than simply serving food and drinks—it is, in fact, the art, the scenery, and the tone you are setting for your event.

why rent a tablescape?
We take care of everything for you. 

We create meaningful home or office events from start to finish and remove any stress or pressure that comes with hosting. Your intimate events will be remembered for all the right reasons. 

We will deliver a package with everything you need—linens, dishes, glassware, cutlery, candles, and even little details. We offer the option to style + set your table.
  • Eliminates one-time purchases
  • Saves storage space at home
  • Dine in style
  • Impress your guests
  • Easy + sustainable
  • We do the dishes