Estelle Littaye

Estelle Littaye is a French ceramicist. All the moments spent at home - from the most insignificant to the most essential - deserve their touch of originality. So Estelle creates ceramic home goods whose shape, texture and colour have been chosen to bring the touch of cheerfulness that is sometimes lacking in our daily lives. She likes to play with must-have home goods to make them unique and endearing. Estelle makes it a point of honour to make each piece as practical as it is aesthetic.

from clay to colours
Estelle's creations are handcrafted and handmade. She mainly uses the technique of wheel throwing but also likes handbuilding. She loves the raw aspect of the clay associated with the infinite colours of glazes. The variety of colours and textures that stoneware offers makes it her favourite clay. To best control the final output of the pieces, Estelle imagines and creates her own glazes.

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